The Nice Guys/Green Room/Now You See Me/Top 5 Actor Directors

May 26, 2016

Though technically the featured film this podcast is Shane Black's The Nice Guys, Jordan and Scott spend more time talking about their love for the limited release film Green Room (one of Jordan's picks).  They also update the FFL scoreboard and, of course, do a Blast from the Past review (this time around, it's Now You See Me).  At the end, they countdown their favorite actor-directors.  Take a listen and please support the show by rating/reviewing on iTunes and sending any feedback to  Enjoy!


Keanu/Captain America: Civil War/Who Framed Roger Rabbit/Top 5 Movie Animals

May 11, 2016

We've said it before and we'll say it again - it's another packed podcast!  In this episode, the guys talk about the Key & Peele movie Keanu before talking about perhaps the most anticipated movie of the year - Captain America: Civil War.  If that's not enough for you, they give Who Framed Roger Rabbit their Blast from the Past treatment.  Lastly, they top off the episode with a look at the best movie animals of all-time.  Check it out and send feedback to or visit the website (  Enjoy!


The Jungle Book/Short Term 12/Top 5 Tom Hanks Performances

April 26, 2016

In a packed podcast, we talk about not one, not two, but seven releases from this year, including the anticipated Jungle Book remake.  We also look at Everybody Wants Some, Dark Horse, Huntsman: Winter's War, Get a Job, Mr. Right, and The Witch (though most of those are just Movie Minutes).  For the most part, it's a pretty positive podcast as we focus our attention on The Jungle Book and Everybody Wants Some.  We don't go back far for our Blast From the Past as we revisit the 2013 film Short Term 12 before rounding things off with a heaping dose of Tom Hanks.  Sorry for the audio quality at points but please send any other feedback to  Enjoy!


Hardcore Henry/Moon/Top 5 Original Movies

April 13, 2016

Although the guys weren't able to catch-up with Everybody Wants Some or Midnight Special (like planned), there's still plenty of conversation regarding the POV action film Hardcore Henry as well as an in-depth review of the Blast from the Past - Duncan Jones' 2009 psychological sci-fi film, Moon.  The top 5 is another good one this week as they count down the five most original films. Check out the "live" podcast and send feedback to!  Thanks!


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice/Kiss Kiss Bang Bang/Top 5 Performances by Young Actor

March 30, 2016

In what may be the most polarizing movie since the inception of this podcast, the guys take on Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice as they talk about what went right, what went wrong, and anything and everything in between.  When they aren't talking about Batman, they're updating the newly-started 2016 FFL league and reviewing Shane Black's dark comedy Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.  If that's not enough, they look at some of the best child actor performances in their Top 5.  Check out the cast and send feedback to  Thanks!


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot/Cloverfield/2016 FFL Regular Season Draft

March 16, 2016

Before the fourth RadNotions draft ever, the guys take a quick look at Whiskey Tango Foxtrot and a retroactive look at the found footage film Cloverfield.  If that's not enough, the guys spend a majority of their time slaving over their draft and who they're taking for the "Regular Season" portion of the 2016 Fantasy Film League.  It's an exciting podcast and one that is definitely worth the listen.  Check out the podcast if you're interested in 2016 films and keeping tabs on a fun film-centerted contest.  Any and all feedback can be sent to  Enjoy!


Triple 9/A History of Violence/Top 5 Mythological Films

March 2, 2016

Just before the next draft (on the next podcast), the guys officially put 2015 to bed as they recount their draft and reflect on what they did/didn't draft.  They talk about the Oscars and officially name Scott the 5-4 victor.  Before this, though, they do take a look at the somewhat-anticipated crime thriller Triple 9 and continue the talk of violence in the Blast from the Past pick, A History of Violence.  To end the cast, they count down their favorite mythological films as voted on by the listeners (in regards to the release of Gods of Egypt).  Make sure to tune in next week to catch the latest FFL draft - it should be a doozy!


Hail, Caesar!/Deadpool/The Town/2016 Oscar Predictions

February 16, 2016

Before the unofficial official end to the 2015 movie year, the guys recount their favorite performances, screenplays, and films.  They also predict the upcoming Oscars in the process.  Before any of that, though, the two look at a pair of 2016 films - Hail, Caesar! and Deadpool.  They also go back in time to look at the 2010 crime drama The Town.  The packed podcast is worth the runtime as they discuss a number of good/great films.  Check it out and leave feedback at  Enjoy!


Dirty Grandpa/The Godfather/Top 5 Anticipated Movies of 2016

February 4, 2016

In a little less hefty episode, the guys take on their first true film of 2016.  And boy was it a bad one.  Hear the two agree on the quality of Dirty Grandpa before they move on to bigger and better things.  These bigger and better things include 2015's Macbeth (the final film in their FFL) and the classic film The Godfather.  At the end, they look forward for a change and count down their most anticipated films.  Some are more obvious than others but it's worth it nevertheless.  Send feedback to and, of course, enjoy the podcast!


The Revenant/Do the Right Thing/Top 10 Movies of 2015

January 25, 2016

After last week's gigantic podcast, the guys are back at it with another long one.  A few days late (and a few dollars short) but here nonetheless, Scott and Jordan embark on a "live" podcast as they sit down alongside one another in sunny Seattle.  On the podcast, they finally review The Revenant which, spoiler alert, shows up on their Top 10's at the end of the podcast.  Before their lengthy discussion on this year's best (and worst), they get to a quick review of Do the Right Thing.  Take your time as you enjoy this lengthy podcast and send any and all feedback to  Enjoy!