A Monster Calls/Live By Night/North By Northwest/Top 10 Movies of 2016

January 19, 2017

In another long podcast (sorry guys!), the guys pack it full of great movies.  Not only do they give their glowing reviews of A Monster Calls and the Blast from the Past pick, North By Northwest (along with a not-so-glowing review of Live By Night), but they find time to review 2016 as a whole.  This includes their 10 favorite movies of the year.  Although there is some crossover, they cover a wide range of films from early releasing indie films to some of the awards bait films that landed on most end-of-year lists.  Check out the podcast and please rate/review on iTunes and send feedback to rad.notions@gmail.com.  Enjoy!


Assassin’s Creed/Passengers/La La Land/Fences/Gangs of New York/Sci Fi Mt. Rushmore

January 5, 2017

The guys had it easy on the previous podcast when they reviewed three fresh flicks.  This time around, they have a record four - Assassin's Creed, Passengers, La La Land, and Fences - before hitting up Gangs of New York.  They also give a full update of the FFL Scoreboard (locking in three of the nine categories) before having a quick conversation about the best Sci Fi heroes.  If that's not enough, Scott also reviewed 10 movies in his record-breaking Movie Minute segment.  There's lots of to hear but some great conversation on a number of movies.  Check it out and please rate/review on iTunes.  Enjoy!


Rogue One/Manchester by the Sea/Nocturnal Animals/The Apartment/Mt. Rushmore Psychos

December 22, 2016

For the third week in a row, the guys countdown a wide array of movies.  Before they even get to the Final Act, they discuss the following films: Sully, Miss Peregine's Home for Peculiar Children, In a Valley of Violence, Thank You For Playing, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Manchester by the Sea, Nocturnal Animals, and the Blast From the Past pick The Apartment.  In there somewhere, they go over the Golden Globe nominees and talk about how the newly released films have fared since their release.  To cap things off, they countdown the most iconic psychopaths of all-time in a new segment titled "Mount Rushmore."  It's a long cast but worth the listen!  Enjoy and send any/all feedback to rad.notions@gmail.com and vote on the website (radnotions.com).  Oh, and have a Merry Christmas you filthy animal!


Moana/Allied/Loving/Good Morning Vietnam/Book Studio Pitch

December 9, 2016

As we creep closer to the end of the year, the podcasts keep getting more and more robust.  This time around, we have a rare Fresh Flick triple feature, which includes Scott's Moana and Loving along with Jordan's Allied.  The guys don't really agree on the quality of these three films as much as they fall head-over-heels for Robin Williams' performance in the Blast From the Past - Good Morning Vietnam.  As if that wasn't enough, the two tackle another Studio Pitch as Jordan tries to even the rivalry up at 2-2.  Check out the whole cast and make sure to rate/review on iTunes and send feedback to rad.notions@gmail.com or on Twitter @RadNotionsRadio


Arrival/Fantastic Beasts/Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk/Philadelphia/Sci-Fi Studio Pitch

November 23, 2016

There have been some packed podcasts here at RadNotions Radio but this one may set a new record.  Beginning with the critically-claimed sci-fi film Arrival and ending with the Harry Potter spin-off, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, this would be a busy week if these were the only two films talked about.  However, the guys ramp up their reviews as they tackle these two films, Ang Lee's latest (Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk), the Blast from the Past (Philadelphia), and the Western Hell or High Water.  As if that wasn't enough, they also give a studio pitch of their own as they try to outdo the magnificent film, Arrival.  It's all in the latest episode of RadNotions Radio.  Please rate/review on iTunes and send any feedback to rad.notions@gmail.com.  Enjoy!


Doctor Strange/Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai/Top 5 Top Shelf Movies

November 8, 2016

In the 7th Marvel review since the inception of the podcast, the guys talk about how Doctor Strange does (and doesn't) live up to expectations.  They also review Ghost Dog (Scott's Blast from the Past pick) and talk about original films.  This leads into their discussion of "Top Shelf" movies where they eliminate movies from Top 5 contention in the future.  It's a shorter cast this time but every second is worth it...especially if you like poking fun at Benedict Cumberbatch's name.  Enjoy and please send feedback to rad.notions@gmail.com and/or hit us up on Twitter @RadNotionsRadio.


The Accountant/Young Frankenstein/Top 5 Franchises that Need to End

October 26, 2016

In the final podcast before the guys hit prime FFL season, they review just two films - Scott's The Accountant and Scott's Blast from the Past pick Young Frankenstein.  Besides these reviews, they recap the podcast by looking at some of the film franchises that need to end.  Please take a listen and send any and all feedback to either rad.notions@gmail.com or @RadNotionsRadio (via Twitter).  Also, vote the website for RadScores and next podcast's Final Act.  Have a good Halloween!


Birth of a Nation/The Girl on the Train/Victoria/Top 5 Movie Gimmicks

October 12, 2016

As we get back into the swing of the FFL, this week focuses on two movies (one for Jordan, one for Scott - kind of).  The two Fresh Films on the cast are Birth of a Nation and The Girl on the Train both of which feature a Hot Seat review.  After a quick FFL update, the guys focus on the 2:20 minute one-take film Victoria then use that as a springboard to talk about some of the best movie gimmicks.  Check out the entire podcast and send feedback to rad.notions@gmail.com and/or connect on Twitter @RadNotionsRadio.  Enjoy!


Magnificent Seven/Dear Zachary/Found Footage Studio Pitch

September 29, 2016

The FFL didn't technically continue with this podcast but the guys don't skip a beat as they review the recently-released Western re-remake, The Magnificent Seven.  After giving that film their best Good, Bad, and Ugly treatment, they turn their attention to the little-known documentary Dear Zachary: A Film to a Son About his Father (be forewarned: this movie will kill your psyche).  At the end, they give the listeners what they want: another studio pitch.  In this rendition, the two give their best movie ideas related to the found footage genre.  Be ready for some conspiracy theories, bank heists, and even more Dark Knight references.  Enjoy and please connect via Twitter (@RadNotionsRadio) or via iTunes (rate/review). 


The Light Between Oceans/Hot Fuzz/Tom Hanks Studio Pitch

September 14, 2016

As we continue to make small changes to the show, this podcast introduces our new segment, titled The Studio Pitch.  Before we get to our Tom Hanks Studio Pitch (which is worth the listen alone), we review the first FFL Playoff film, Scott's The Light Between Oceans.  We also review the Edgar Wright-directed film Hot Fuzz.  It's certainly not a long podcast, but it's full of some insightful stuff.  Please rate/review on iTunes (please please please!!) and send feedback to rad.notions@gmail.com or by following us on Twitter @RadNotionsRadio.  Enjoy!